Privacy Policy

Loans High Risk has adopted a stringent privacy policy in order to maintain the accuracy of its services. If you are hesitating to submit our online application form just for the security ground, you are advised to have a look at our privacy policy statement. These are as follows:

  • Every time, Loans High Risk requests all its applicants to choose their passwords carefully and keep them confidential. This process is extremely important when it comes to the security of our services.
  • Browsing the website of Loans High Risk is always possible for everyone and therefore, any document submission is not required. We won’t collect your confidential detail without your knowledge.
  • Selling and disclosing confidential details of borrowers to any third party is not done by Loans High Risk. We do not encourage this kind of act as well. However, sometime we may share some of your details with a lender just for a simple motive and that is to arrange a pocket friendly deal for you.